Sep 9, 2008

this and that

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from our kitchen. I love how the walls turned out. Now I just need to get some better frames for the art work...the college frames have seen better days.
While I was taking the pictures of the kitchen this is what Hiro was doing. Yes that would be our couch and the new pillows I recently bought. He totally thinks that is his new bed and unfortunately the pillows have become new frustration toys when we leave him home along at night. We are horrible parents, we think it is cute when he slinks up on the couch and curls up. His favorite is when he gets the spot right between us. Luckily our couches are black and microfiber...otherwise I would never get all the mud off of them.

Jon ordered my Dell Mini 9 this week!! I can't wait to get it...too bad they just released them and it won't even ship until October 14th. I am looking forward to taking it to class...although apparently I will not be able to use it in every class. Last night was my first Monday night class. It is ABA for teachers...a.k.a behavior management for classrooms. About half the class was taking notes on laptops when my professor said "ok class is starting, I would like all of you to close your laptops". Of course people informed her that their laptops were their primary method of taking notes. She told them that she prefers people to use a pen and paper to take notes. Some people in my class got pretty was awkward. In the end she won and we can't use laptops in her class :( Oh well at least I have 2 others that I can use my new mini in.

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