Aug 18, 2011

Home Improvements and a Video

First, thank you all for your comments about Lasik. I think I have decided to go through with it…just not until next year. There are a few things we want to get done on the house and I can handle contacts for another year.

Which leads me to what we want to get done on the house…

First we are going to have laminate floor put down in our living room and hallways. It is something we have wanted to do for awhile. Our living room carpet is looking pretty pathetic thanks to Hiro and Aedan. We already picked out what we are going to put down and they came to measure this today. Maybe I will have before and after pictures next week!!

The second thing we want to add is a sprinkler system. This we will probably do in the fall because let’s face it, no matter how much we water, our grass is still going to look bad with an excessive amount of days over 100. Speaking of which, is it fall yet?!?!

So recently I made the mistake of showing Aedan videos of him on You Tube. He now thinks that anytime I am on my computer I am watching these videos. Sigh

How cute is that smile. :)

We have had a busy week around here, so I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


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