Dec 18, 2013

A Hair Dryer

One of the things Jon bought me for my birthday, was a new hair dryer.

I know, you are thinking a hair dryer? Yes, I really wanted a new one and the one he got me is perfect.

I have a lot of hair. It is very fine, but there is a lot of it. As in if I got to bed with wet hair, I will wake up with still wet hair. It takes forever to dry. It is one of the reasons I started showering at night. Then I can cut out all the drying time in the morning. Because with two little kids running around, no one has time for that!

So I used to have an expensive hair dryer. One of those ones that claimed to dry your hair in 50% less time or whatever. Really it was just good at blowing out hot air.

Then one day it just died.

I went out and bought the cheapest hair dryer I could find. I figured if the expensive one hadn’t really done much for me, why spend much money on a new one.

I think I going a $15 one at Target. And while it did work, it was so so so loud. I mean really loud. Jon could hear me drying my hair in our bathroom, while he was upstairs playing his Xbox with headphones on, which is at the complete opposite end of our house.

If I started it while the kids were awake, Adelaide would coming running in with a very concerned look on her face (it is funny how different from Aedan she is. When she hears something loud she runs to it while he runs away).

I told Jon I really wanted a quieter hair dryer.

So he did what he always does and started researching. He found this one and while he was pretty skeptical about how quiet it would really be, he decided to get it for me to try out.

Oh my goodness. It is so much quieter. Jon and I can hold a normal conversation in the bathroom while I have it on high. Seriously.

And, it even dries my hair well which is obviously a plus.

Did I just write an entire post about a hair dryer? Yes, yes I did. But if you are in the market for a new hair dryer. This one rocks!


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