Dec 9, 2013

Christmas Decor

I decorated our house the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was cold and rainy, and just seemed like the perfect time to get everything out. I didn’t put too much out this year. I’m hoping to stock up on some new Christmas décor after Christmas, so I can use it next year. That was my plan last year, but with a newborn at home, it just didn’t happen.

So, this year the only new item is a stocking for Adelaide (shh, don’t tell her she didn’t have one last year).

I did switch up my entryway furniture. I moved the table back by the front door and used it to display my Willow Tree Nativity scene.


Our bench got moved closer to the kitchen and garage door, which is perfect since I come in that way all the time. Our stockings are from The embroidery was free and I think they turned out really nice!


Our Christmas tree is in the living room. This tree is going on 6 years and the pre-lit lights have finally bit the dust this year. We just strung regular lights around it, which I think I like better anyway. I am hoping to pick up a new tree on sale after Christmas and then use this one in the office since we have a big front window in there.


We are doing Elf on the Shelf this year and having so much fun moving him around each night. Today he is hanging out in the Christmas tree!


I also put out a picture of Aedan and Adelaide, each at their first Christmas.


Then of course I have to have some holiday smelling candles out. These ones from Bath and Body Works are the only ones that fill up our kitchen/living room space. I love this scent!!


Now, I just need to finish up my Christmas shopping, which thanks to Amazon, I should be able to do from home and then get some things wrapped under the tree.

Want to see the Christmas décor at our old house? Check it out here and here.


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