Apr 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend!

Friday night we ventured out the Founder’s Day parade. It was so much fun!


I remember hearing about Founder’s Day last year, but we didn’t go just because Adelaide was so little. After this year, I know we will be making in an annual tradition. We meet up with a bunch of friends and the kids had so much fun watching the parade (and eating lots of candy). It’s a whole weekend event down hear, with a carnival and everything. I think next year we will plan on making it a weekend long event for us too!

Adelaide had fun sitting in the shade snacking on Chex mix. Give this girl something to snack on and all is right with the world.


Saturday, we had a pretty lazy day around the house. We did get some much needed grocery shopping done. I don’t love going to the grocery store on the weekends, but it is so nice for it to be done for the week before Monday rolls around.

On Sunday, we did our typical family walk. We stopped at the typical park to play. Jon, Aedan and Hiro always go off exploring the creek behind the park, and Adelaide and I stay and play.

She loves to swing.


Check out this progression…she has grown so much…

5 months old


12 months old


And now…18 months old




1 comment:

Kerri said...

Haha, the 5 month old swing pic looks exactly like how Macey felt about swinging up until a couple of months ago. I couldn't even get her to go anywhere near one. Now she loves them! Funny how quickly things change with little ones.