May 9, 2014

Five Things Friday

  • Yesterday, we had Muffins for Moms at Aedan’s school to celebrate Mother’s Day. It was so fun! All the kids made little gifts for the moms, and sang some cute songs.



  • As of this week, I am officially a stay at home mom! It has been something I have wanted since Aedan was born and I am so excited! I love what I do, and I have had so many great opportunities over the past few years, but I am really looking forward to just focusing on our family. The plan right now is to reassess things when Adelaide starts kindergarten. Maybe I will go back part-time then or maybe I will continue to stay home. For now, I am just going to try and soak up the time with the kids at this age! Hopefully it means more time for blogging as well!
  • Yesterday I did a big playroom clean out (I have more time on my hands now!). While I was cleaning up, Adelaide was playing with the toy kitchen. I looked over and saw her making coffee. She had removed the coffee pot and put it on the floor. She just kept putting the mug under the coffee maker and then pretending to drink it. Can you tell we have a Keurig!


  • This morning, we went to the zoo with some friends. Adelaide is finally down to one nap and I am still playing around with our afternoon schedule. Ideally she is ready for a nap at 12, and Aedan is ready more like 1/1:30. I have been spoiled because for a long time now, their afternoon naps overlapped perfectly. Today, I kept her up until 12:30 and I put Aedan down at 1. I am hoping they both stay down until 3/3:30. I think it helped to be out and about this morning and the zoo was fun!


  • This weekend we have plans with my parents and grandmothers to celebrate Mother’s Day! I can’t wait!


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