May 22, 2014

Day In the Life

It has been awhile since I have done a day in the life post. In fact you can read my last ones here and here from July 2011! I think these are fun to read and I love looking back to see what our typical day looked like at different points.

I did this on Monday, which was a pretty typical day for us.

7:00: My alarm goes off and I eventually get out of bed to get ready for the day. The kids usually wake up around 7:30 (although this morning Aedan came bouncing in just after 7). I told him to pick out a toy and play quietly in his room until his bunny clock wakes up. I get myself mostly ready and the bed made before 7:30, which really makes the morning run much better!


7:30: I get everyone up and start making breakfast. I have to be honest, most mornings Jon makes breakfast for the kids and himself (I have been making smoothies for myself each morning). This morning, Jon had an early call so I am on my own. While the kids eat breakfast (instant oatmeal and a pop tart for Aedan, cheerios and raisin toast for Adelaide), I make my smoothie and unload the dishwasher.

8:00: Aedan heads upstairs to play with his Legos, while Adelaide “helps” me finish cleaning up the kitchen, start a load of laundry and start making up Aedan’s bed (I do the covers and I have him put all the pillows on).

8:30: I start trying to get the kids out the door to go to the grocery store. Aedan doesn’t want to stop playing so he chooses to stay home with Jon. He promises not to bug Jon. I think he lasted almost the whole time I was gone so I’d say he did well. Adelaide and I head to HEB to get groceries for the week. In typical fashion, I manage to forget one thing. It is always just one thing. Sigh. Looks like I will be headed back to HEB later in the week.

9:45: Adelaide goes down for a quick nap (she is back to taking her morning nap again). I think I am going to go with two naps until Aedan is out of school and then I am going to force her to go down to one. While she naps, Aedan watches a show and I unload the groceries and enjoy a cup of coffee.

10:30: I get Adelaide up and we are supposed to go to a mom’s club event, but Aedan really wants to go to the park instead. We get some snacks and head to the park for some playtime.

12:00: Lunch time for everyone and then we play outside for awhile.

1:00: Aedan is getting tired and Adelaide is fussy. Time for a show! They watch a show, while I get some cleaning done and clothes put away.

1:30: Nap time!! Once I get both kids down, I got outside to get some work done on my nap time project. I have been redoing an old dresser my sister wasn’t using. It is almost done and I am really liking how it is turning out…post to come soon! After I get some work done on that, I do some blogging, a quick wipe down of the bathrooms and then I relax until the kids get up.

3:30: Aedan is up and watching some Lego videos on the computer. He and I hang out for awhile before Adelaide gets up around 4:30.

5:00: Jon is done with work so it’s play time. We hang out in the upstairs for awhile and then venture outside.

6:00: We have a quick dinner. I say quick because my kids each probably take about 5 bites and then declare they are finished. We throw everything in the sink and head down to the park. It is such a beautiful evening!



7:00: Bath time! Jon bathes Adelaide in the kid’s bathroom and Aedan plays in our bathtub while I get the kitchen cleaned up.

7:15: Adelaide watches her “show” (baby signing time) while she drinks her milk and I finish up bathing Aedan.

7:30: I read Adelaide some stories and put her to bed. Aedan gets to watch his show of choice (tonight it is power rangers) and Jon makes Aedan’s lunch for school the next day.

8:00: I help Aedan brush his teeth and get ready for bed, then Jon reads him books.

8:30-10:30: I take a shower and Jon and I hang out and watch a couple of episodes of Modern Family. Then it is off to bed for us too.


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