Jun 30, 2011

A Day in the Life Part 2

I usually see clients on Mondays and Thursdays, so those days typically look something like this. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I work from home. I guess I work from home on Fridays too, but lets be honest, I don’t do a lot of work on Fridays so its more like a catch up day/fun day.

This is what Tuesday looked like:

7:30am: I didn’t set my alarm so I get up with Aedan. Jon is working from home today too so we all get to eat breakfast together. This time Aedan has fruit and an egg so no syrup in the hair.

8:30am: I load up the stroller so Aedan and I can head out to Town Lake. I usually meet up with a friend to walk the 3 mile loop at least once a week but she is in Hawaii right now (LUCKY!). I decided to start the couch to 5k running program again. I’m not sure why, but I apparently like to start this program in the middle of the summer. Not smart. Oh well, here’s hoping I keep it up!

9:30am: we are home from our walk/run and nice and sweaty! Aedan goes down for his nap shortly after we get home and I take a much needed shower and answer a few emails.

11:00am: Aedan is up and it’s time to go to the grocery store. We make is a quick trip and get home for lunch with Jon.

12:30-2:00pm: Aedan plays and I do some chores around the house. We go outside for a little while and play with sidewalk chalk but it is just too hot!

2:00pm: Aedan goes down for his nap. I have 5 phone interviews do to so I spend the two hours he sleeps on the phone. I conclude that I would be horrible with a job that required me to be on the phone all day, it is exhausting!

4:00pm: Aedan wakes up and we get a snack together and play while Jon finishes up with work.

4:30pm: we head to the park/pool. After swimming for about 5 minutes they make everyone get out for a break. Aedan is more interested in swinging and going down the slide so we dry off and play for a little while. Thank goodness this park is practically all shaded!

5:30pm: we are home and start getting dinner together.

6:00pm: Aedan eats dinner. Jon heads over to help out a friend and Aedan and I play until bath time.

7:00pm: bath time for Aedan. His hair is getting so long so I decide to try and give him a haircut. He was not a fan of getting it cut at the salon so neither one of us wants to go back.. I think I did an okay job.

photo (1)

7:30pm: Aedan goes to bed just as Jon gets home. We make dinner and sit down to watch some more Sons of Anarchy (have I mentioned that I am obsessed??).

8:30pm: Jon plays some Xbox and I catch up on some blogs and reality TV on Hulu.

9:30pm: I talk Jon into watching one more episodes of SOA and then it is off to bed for us.

So those are what my two types of weekdays typically look like.. What do your days look like?? Anyone else obsessed with Sons of Anarchy?


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Chelsa said...

yay for no syrup in the hair :)

you are brave to cut his hair yourself! you did good! i couldn't do it!