Jun 6, 2011


Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned Jon had just returned from Amsterdam? Well look where he is this week…

photo 2

Yup he is spending the week in Malaysia and mere 5000+ miles away. He logged 22 hours in the air (not counting layovers) to get there. He is staying at a pretty nice resort like hotel.

2011-06-04 22.40.57

He said I would really like the pool. Haha! I’m sure I would, but I will not be traveling that far away for any pool.

2011-06-04 23.40.44

So while he is being a world traveler and getting lots of work done, Aedan and I are here…

photo 1

We are visiting my parents and doing zero work. :) Today we went and hung out at the pool with my sister, my good friend Allison and her son Jackson. Aedan wasn’t too sure about all the kids running around the wadding pool, but he did pretty well. We all got some sun and came home for a relaxing afternoon.

Tonight I am going to meet my best friend, Amanda, for coffee. We have been best friends since 8th grade which means we are going on 14 years! We used to do everything together. She was pretty much part of my family and I was part of hers. Now that we are both married, working and living in different cities, we don’t get to spend as much time together. It is going to be nice to catch up tonight!


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