Jun 15, 2011

Midweek Randomness

Goodness, where has the week gone? I can’t believe tomorrow will already be Thursday. I figured I should write a quick post so I don’t go a full week with nothing.
Highlights from the weekend:
  • Jon got home late late late Friday night. Aedan was so happy to see him Saturday morning!
  • Aedan and I helped my parents and grandmothers out with a garage sale on Saturday. Aedan had a blast running around rearranging things, pulling things out of boxes and playing with anything and everything covered in dust. We were both filthy when we left!
  • After the garage sale we met up with Jon for a birthday party for Aedan’s BFF. I wasn’t sure how Aedan would do without his morning nap, but he did great (with a quick snooze in the car) and had lots of fun.
Random thoughts/highlights from the week:
  • I upgraded my camera. Thanks Aaron! I have taken a few pictures, but I haven't had a chance have been too lazy to put them on my computer and edit them. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to play with it this weekend and have some good pictures to show soon.
  • Jon and I like to find TV show series to watch on Netflix and such. We started watching Sons of Anarchy a few months ago. I wasn’t too into it, but we just finished episode 6 and I am hooked. I’m guessing we finish season one by the end of the weekend.
  • Moms, when did you start giving your little ones a pillow to sleep with? I hadn’t really thought about it, but I just checked our video monitor and Aedan is using his stuffed animal as a pillow. Maybe he is trying to tell me something?
  • It is supposed to be 103 here for the next 4 days. Ugh. It is only June, I am not looking forward to August at all!! Aedan and I checked out a wadding pool not too far from our house on Tuesday, I am guessing we will be spending lots of time there this summer!
  • Today I finished up the progress report I have been working on for awhile. Now I just have to proof read it. I hate proof reading! I know some people love it, but I hate it. I just have no desire to reread everything I just wrote. Especially when it is 18 pages long. Sigh.
Looks like Jon has finished playing Xbox so hopefully I can talk him into another episode of Sons of Anarchy before bed!


Lari said...

Hmmm, about the pillow, that's a good question. I'm trying to remember. Elan was also using this big frog pillow-like thing as a pillow first. I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing we gave him a pillow a little after he turned a year.

Erin said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I just gave Parker a pillow about 2 1/2 weeks ago in his crib, and he loves having it. :)