Jun 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend around here!

Friday night, I had a late meeting and didn’t get home until 6:30 so Jon and Aedan had some 1:1 time.. After Aedan went to bed, Jon and I made a grilled tomato basil and mozzarella pizza. It was so good and fun since we used basil from our garden.


That reminds me, I don’t think I ever did an update on our garden. I need to do a full post but it has been doing really well! I’m pretty impressed. It’s funny because we built the fence mostly to keep Hiro out, but he hasn’t even set food inside. BUT this little guy, well he is totally into gardening digging in the dirt. Such a mess!



Saturday I got up bright an early and headed to boot camp. I really love being able to walk down the street to work out. Such a great start to the weekend! When I got back, Jon left for the greenbelt for some trail running.

After Aedan’s morning nap we headed to P Terrys to pick up veggie burgers and lemonade for lunch. We had a picnic in our new favorite park. After some playing on the playground, we took a dip in the wadding pool. When we got home, we were all tired so it was nap time for all!

Saturday night, we had a babysitter for Aedan and Jon and I went to see Bridesmaids. It was so funny! I was laughed so hard I almost cried in several parts.

This morning we all headed out to Town Lake after breakfast. We got back just in time for Aedan to take a nap before heading to lunch with some friends. For the rest of the afternoon, we just hung out around the house.

Such a great family weekend!


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Chelsa said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!!!

i'm so jealous of the bootcamp (still!). i keep telling myself i need to work out, but never find the time. i ran once last week and about died (lol, i thought i was dying anyway).

i have been wanting to see bridesmaids soooo badly!!!