Jun 2, 2011

Exploring the Garage

On Tuesday, Jon had to take my car into the dealership. I got an oil change about a week ago and ever since, we noticed a burning rubber smell every time we pulled it into the garage…never good.

While he was gone, Aedan and I decided to play in the garage. He did lots of exploring.

The bike pump…


The lawnmower…


Daddy’s motorcycle…


He also loves to park his popper toy like this. It cracks me up, he always leaves it standing up instead of just laying it on the floor.


He leaves it parked and then turns around and runs back to it laughing, silly boy!


Oh and of course I had him do a little manual labor, you know sweep to driveway and such. haha! Seriously though, I feel like he looks all grown up in this picture!


Oh and apparently the guys that did my oil change, put the filter on wrong and my car was leaking oil all week, which is why it was smelling so bad. Luckily it was an easy fix and it is good to go now.


1 comment:

Chelsa said...

glad you took the car back in to have it checked out! yikes!

Aedan does look all grown up in that picture! They are getting too big! He also looks adorable in his sunglasses. I should get C a pair, b/c he always wants mine too!