Jun 28, 2011

A Day in the Life Part 1

I’ve seen a few other  blogs doing this and I thought it would be fun, you know since my life is so interesting. haha! I do think it will be fun to look back and see what a day looked like during this session of my life.

I have two types of weekdays; ones where I see clients and ones were I work from home. So I thought I would do two different posts. I’ll start with Monday…

7:00am: I set my alarm to get up, but around 6:50 I wake up and change my mind. I turn off my alarm and decide to wait until Aedan wakes up. Jon gets up and starts to get ready for work.

7:30am: okay Aedan’s up now so I get up too. I know, I know, 7:30 is a pretty great wake up time. I have had my share of early mornings for work, so I am going to enjoy it while I can. I get Aedan up and changed and give him his milk and then I make up the bed. I always make up the bed. It drives me nuts if it stays unmade for too long!

8:00am: breakfast. Aedan had fruit and waffles with syrup. Unfortunately he thought it would be a good idea to rub the syrup in his hair. Sigh, guess it will be time for a bath after breakfast.

photo 1

9:30am: Aedan and I clean up all the toys we he got out over that last hour. We read a few books and then its time for his morning nap around 9:45.

While Aedan naps, I get ready for work, make Aedan’s lunch and straighten up the house.. I also post an ad on craigslist for a new therapist since I am losing one in just a few weeks. I’m so sad to see her go!!

11:15am: I get Aedan up and we head off to the sitter’s house. When we get there, Aedan walks to the door all by himself, such a little kid! I follow with his lunch and blanket (num num).

12:00pm: I arrive at my first client’s house. Today I am overlapping with another therapist. I check up on the programs and I only get scratched and pinched a couple of times, which means it’s a good day. :)

2:00pm: Done with the first overlap, so I head off to see my next client with a quick stop at sonic for a cherry limeade because it is too hot outside!

2:30: I meet up with my next client and his therapist at a park. We are working on social skills and following directions in community places. We play for about an hour and man it is HOT! I’m glad I don’t have a dress code for work and shorts and sandals are okay because it is 100 degrees out here!

3:30: We head to the grocery store because that is another problem location with this little guy. We actually have a pretty uneventful trip and he does really well!

4:30pm: Done with work for the day! I glance at my phone and realize I have already gotten 10 resumes about the new position. That’s a good sign, but I am not looking forward to going through them all!

4:45pm: I get to the sitter’s house to pick up Aedan. He starts dancing when he sees me, so cute! He had a fun day at the sitter’s house. Her daughter (who Aedan loves) sometimes babysits for us on the weekends and she was home all day so Aedan got lots of attention.

5:30pm: We finally get home, I hate traffic! Jon is already home so he helps me get all of our stuff out of the car. That is another thing I can’t stand; leaving things in my car. Jon thinks I ‘m a little OCD about how clean I like things, but I can’t help it!

6:00pm: Aedan gets dinner and Jon and I sit down with him and chat about the day.

6:30pm: Aedan is super tired because he didn’t nap very well at the sitter’s house. We give him a bath early and put him down around 6:45. I think he was asleep by 6:50!

7:00pm: Jon and I eat dinner and I glance through all the ad responses as well as catch up on Facebook and blogs.

7:30pm: I have a friend over to watch the Bachelorette. I haven’t really gotten in to this season, but I think want JP to win fall in love with Ashley. Don’t feel too bad for Jon, while we watched our girly show, he was attaching zombies on the Xbox.

10:00pm: Time for bed! Jon and I think about watching a Son’s of Anarchy episode (and by that I mean that I begged him to), but we he decides it’s too late. Which is a good choice because I am pretty tired too. Time for bed it is!


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Chelsa said...

LOVE hearing about your day!!

your job sounds so interesting!

I'm still amazed at how much the boys sound alike!

I also HAVE to have the bed made every day.

I cleaned the van out (swept the carpets, cleaned interior) yesterday and couldn't believe I had let it get that bad! Living in the "Mud Pit" Makes it hard to keep clean with the boys climbing in and out! It drives me Insane!