May 27, 2014

Red Shoes

A few weeks ago, I told Aedan we were going to go to the mall to get some new shoes. He immediately asked if they would have red shoes. I told him they would probably have shoes with red on them.

Little did I know, they would in fact have red shoes. Completely red shoes. As soon as he got measured, we started looking at the section of shoes for his size. He saw these, and once he did, Jon and I both knew there was no way we were leaving without them!

He reluctantly tried on a few other options, but these shoes were totally him. Of course we brought them home (along with a super cute pair of pick converse for Adelaide).

These are the first shoes Aedan has had that have laces. Sigh. He was getting so good at putting on his own shoes before we got these. Which, all you moms know, putting on his own shoes is pretty much the equivalent of having an extra 5-10 minutes for me to get us out the door. In other words, it is priceless. Ha!

So I lasted about a week, helping him put these on and tying the laces for him. Of course we had to do double knots so they stayed tied, but then that meant I had to un-tie the double knots before they could be put on and re-tied. Such an long process, when it already takes us a decent chunk of time to get everyone out the door to go anywhere. 

Aedan’s teacher and I were joking that I should get him those elastic curly laces. Anyone remember these…

One night while I was doing some online shopping, I decided to look up elastic laces and apparently we have come a long way with them!

I ordered this pair and so far we love them! They came in a bunch of colors, so I was able to get red and they work great. Aedan still needs a little help getting the shoes on sometimes because the elastic is snug, but even with that, the process is so much faster!! Best buy ever!


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