Jun 19, 2014

Phone Pictures

I haven’t been taking too many pictures, even on my phone. I need to get better about that! Here are a few I’ve taken recently…

We had a really bad storm come through last week. Lots of rain and very strong winds. In our neighborhood, there were many fences, roofs and play sets damaged. Luckily our house/yard didn’t have any damage. Just lots of leaves and branches in the yard. Aedan hates thunder, so of course at the first sign of the storm, he was out of his room. I finally gave him my spot in bed and slept in his bed. This is what I found in the morning.


Adelaide loves to carry things around. Jon and Aedan were out one evening, so she and I did a little shopping. She wanted to bring her bag with her in the car. She had one of my bracelets, hair detangler and a toothbrush in her Easter basket.


On Sunday, I took the kids to get donuts so Jon could sleep in. Aedan wasn’t too happy about getting his picture taken, but he was super excited about donuts!


Earlier this week we spend the day up in Round Rock with my parents. We had a lot of fun! Both kids love playing with all the little people my mom kept from when my sister and I were little. The old little people are so much better than they are now! My grandmothers came over that afternoon and we all had a great visit.




Other than going to the pool, we have just been doing a lot of playing. Aedan loves to play with his Legos upstairs and we try to get out an play in the backyards every evening.



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