Jun 4, 2014

Summer Days

We had a pretty low key weekend. My sister came in town for a short visit before she moves to Houston. I’m excited she will be a little closer to us!

We have pretty much spent time at the pool everyday so far, and it looks like we will be continuing that most of this week. Aedan LOVES it and is such a fish. Adelaide; not so much yet. I think the water is a little cold for her still, because she was like this at the beginning of last year too. She prefers to walk around the wadding pool or sit on the side and stick her feet in.


While my sister was here, she babysat for us and helped out a lot with the kids. So nice to have an extra set of hands to play and entertain them!


Jon and I started a new show this week and we both really like it…

We are going to finish up season one of Orphan Black just in time to start season two of this hilarious show!


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