Jul 22, 2014

Summer Days and a New Blog!

We have really been enjoying summer and it is just flying by (I’ll probably be singing a different tune in August, but for now, we are having fun!)!

Aedan has been doing swimming lessons twice a week this month. He is doing really well. He doesn’t look like the best swimmer, but he can really get wherever he wants in the pool on his own. We had a neighborhood party a few weeks ago, and he was keeping up with some older, better swimmers, just fine.



I usually get in the pool with Adelaide during Aedan’s lessons, but occasionally she is entertained outside of the pool.



One of my friends gave us this idea. We made a bunch of roads on the floor upstairs. Both kids had a blast with it! This would make a good rainy/winter day activity to, so I will have to remember it!


Jon goes to soccer practice once or twice a week in the evenings. Since I have to do bedtime solo those nights, I have been sneaking out for some alone time on another night. A few weeks ago I ended up at Target…surprise surprise. I forgot my reusable bags and I really didn’t want to have to play for a paper bag, so I stuffed everything in my purse. I felt a little like I was shoplifting as I walked out!


Last but not least, my sister just started a blog! I am so excited for her. I hope that it becomes a memory/scrapbook for her just as this has for me. You can check out her first post here.


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