Jul 10, 2014

Our 4th of July Weekend

We headed up to Plano last weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! This was the first time we have taken both kids up there. We used to go a bunch when we just had Aedan, but with two kids and busy schedules it is hard to get away. We managed to fit all of our stuff, both kids, and Hiro in the car without much room to spare.

We decided to pick up some tablet mounts for the seats. Both kids got to watch their shows as we made the drive. Best decision ever! Now if we could get Adelaide to wear some headphones, we could almost forget there were kids in the backseat!


We made it to my parents’ house in great time on Friday and just hung out for the day. We walked down to their neighborhood park Saturday morning.




My mom broke her foot recently and can’t put any weight on it. She rode this little scooter to the park and Jon pulled her back home. Ha!


Saturday night, we got together with some good family friends. They have been getting together for the 4th of July for years. We missed last years get together, but you can read about the previous ones we have been to: 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

I didn’t take any group pictures with my phone, but here are a few of my family.





On Sunday we were able to meet up with on of my high school friends and his family. It’s hard to believe we met in medical science class 15 years ago! He took some really cute pictures of the kids while we hung out. I’ll post those next since this one is getting a little long.

The kids did well on the way back and everyone took a long afternoon nap as soon as we got home!


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