Jun 5, 2015

Beginning of Summer

Are you tired about hearing about the last week of school? Last few pictures, I promise! Last week we celebrated the start of summer with dinner at P'Terry's. We usually just get it to go, and the kids always ask to eat inside, so we did!

Aedan is all about taking pictures these days. He is always taking my phone and taking pictures of everything. Here is one he took of Adelaide and I (I love the little thumb in the frame and the face on the girl behind us. Ha!) 

Then of course, Adelaide wants a turn at the picture taking. This is what she took, with a little help. 

It was a fun night out!

Aedan took a few pictures over last weekend too. We are still working on holding the phone so his finger is out of the way. :)

Our summer is off to a good start!


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