Jun 12, 2015

Summer Favorites

It's been a while since I have done a post other than pictures of what the kids are up to. I thought it would be fun to list off a few of my favorites for summer.

I've been using this night moisturizer for a few months now. I got a facial and they used this whole line on me. It was really nice. They tried to sell me the moisturizer then, but I knew I could find it on Amazon for cheaper. And I did (for about half the price). :)

I ordered the kids these shoes for the pool. They are super cute and both kids really like wearing them so I think they are comfortable.

I really like this brand of shampoo/conditioner. I think this is a new scent and I love it! It is perfect for summer. 

sea mineral moisture

Recently a neighbor of mine had a little Mary Kay girl's night. We tried a lot of different makeup and I ended up getting some mascara. I'm not a huge make-up person but I always wear mascara since my eye lashes are pretty light. This mascara is great. It adds a good amount of volume and is not clumpy at all. 

Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™

A couple of my favorite bands have just come out with a new album. Mumford and Sons has a new one out and I really like it. 

Wilder Mind

Of Monsters and Men has a new album out this week. We have been listening to a few of the singles for the past few weeks. We are all big fans.



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