Jun 9, 2015

Summer Time!

Last week was the first nice week of weather we've had in a long time. I heard somewhere that we had something like 27 consecutive days of rainfall in our area. That kind of rain here is very rare. 27 days of temperature over 100, sure. But rain, not so much. 27 days is a long long time for us! We were going a little crazy.

We made up for all the rainy weather by spending time every single day last week at the pool. Despite lots of sunscreen both kids have some pretty good tan lines already. Jon and I were joking that Adelaide looks a lot like the Coppertone girl. :)

We were also able to use our patio again and enjoy some dinners outside. It is so nice to eat out there. When the kids are done, they just hop down and go play, while Jon and I get some time to talk.


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