Jan 19, 2012

Getting Involved

One of my goals, when we moved to our new neighborhood, was to find some fun things for Aedan and I to do on the days I get to work from home. He loves getting out and running errands or going to the park, but I thought it would be great for him to have some play time with other kids and hopefully allow me to meet some other mom’s in the area.

First, I checked out our library. They have a few different story times each week and one just happened to be starting up last Wednesday. Aedan and I went to check it out and it was pretty fun. All the kids are 1-3 years old so its more of a song and dance & a few short stories, story time. It is fun to watch Aedan interact with all the kids. We went back yesterday and had some more fun. Aedan already has a little buddy named Lincoln. They are so cute together and his mom is really nice. :)

Another thing I checked into was a Mom’s Group. I have seen a ton of different ones on Meetup.com but I couldn’t find one in our old area of town. I checked for one in our new area and found one! After emailing the coordinator last week, I decided to try out one of their events. Yesterday after nap time, we met at the park for play time. Aedan and I both had a lot of fun. I am sure we will be attending more events soon!


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