Jan 31, 2012

A Day at Home & Weekend Recap

Today, Aedan and I have just been hanging around the house. It has been really nice to not have anywhere to be, since we have had a pretty full schedule the past few weeks.

This morning we did a little cleaning, a little Sesame Street watching (Aedan has gotten really into it over the last week and Netflix seems to have an unlimited supply of episodes) and a lot of playing. I love just watching him play with his toys. I always try to sneak pictures, but most of the time he catches me and then just wants to talk on my phone. :)

photo 2

While Aedan napped this afternoon, I got a lot of work done and even had some extra time to do a little blogging and watch the latest Bachelor episode (so dramatic).

Now, onto our weekend recap…this weekend we did a lot of entertaining and it was super fun.

Friday night we did our typical out to dinner and errand running. Such an exciting life right? :)

We had a lazy Saturday morning and afternoon around the house and then had some of my good friends and their husbands and boys over for dinner. It was great to visit with everyone and watch our boys all play together.

On Sunday, we took a long walk through some trails that are just across the street. Hiro had a blast splashing through some creeks and we found a new park for Aedan to play at about halfway through the walk so he was happy.

After our walk, Jon and Aedan headed up north to visit with his grandparents and mom. I stayed behind to get caught up on some work that I hadn’t gotten done the week before (read: Aedan woke up early from his nap a few days in a row). I was able to get everything work related done and get the house cleaned up before they got home.

Here are a couple of pictures of Aedan and his great grandpa…I think they both had fun!

2012-01-29 2012-01-29 001 0072012-01-29 2012-01-29 001 005

After a quick trip to the grocery store and a little play time, we put Aedan to bed around 6:30. He skipped his nap and was super tired. We weren't going to put him down til 7 but he kept asking to go night night, poor guy. Around 7 one of Jon’s good friends and his girlfriend came over to see the new house. I made Vegetable Bibimbap and it was a big hit. This was the second time I had made it and I think it will be something I put into our regular meal rotation. Its pretty easy to make and you could really throw in any veggies you have on hand. We had a great time hanging out and catching up, although we stayed up way too late and as usual Monday morning came way to fast.

My sister and her roommate are coming down this next weekend, so we get to do some more entertaining. I can’t wait!


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