Jan 11, 2012

Weekend Recap and Play Spots

Okay, I think we are finally back into the grove of our normal routine.

We had a great weekend. Thursday, night we had dinner with some good friends. Their two boys are 4 and 2 and Aedan loved having them over to play! Friday, we had a relaxing night at home. Jon and I watched the last Harry Potter movie and went to bed early.

Saturday, we headed way up north to celebrate Jon’s grandfather’s birthday. We met for lunch at Mighty Fine and then had homemade cake and ice cream at Jon’s aunt’s house. Aedan got lots of attention and loved every minute of it!

We also got to take home this little picnic table. Jon’s mom had it for two of Jon’s nephews when they were little. Once they were done with it, it went to Jon’s aunt to use for her grandkids. Now that they have out grown it, it is Aedan’s turn. He loves it (and he loves sharing his snack with Hiro).

photo (9)

I have been meaning to take some pictures of the house now that we are all settled in, but my mom borrowed my normal lens. The only one I have now is my 50 mm, which is great for close ups, but not so much for room shots. Soon though! I saw that Kelly’s Korner is going to do Show Us Your Life – around the house again soon. Can’t wait to participate again!

I did manage to take some pictures of Aedan’s two favorite play spots…

In our new house, he has a play room, which is great! I am not sure where all his toys were before, but I love having a play for them all to go now! My parents gave him this little tent for Christmas. At first he didn’t really seem to care for it. But when we had our friends over last week, their boys played in it and now Aedan thinks it so cool. He will go get toys and take them in the tent to play.



Opps, caught mommy taking pictures…


Another one of his favorite spots is the stairs. He always seems to have a collection of toys sitting on his two steps. I was thinking the stairs might be a good time-out spot, but now not so much. He will use his tools to “fix” the gate or the wall all the time.


He also loves the backyard. So does Hiro. They will just go back there and run around and then both crash next to each other and just sit. Best friends…

photo (10)


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