Jan 18, 2012

Project 365

I love following Project 365 posts. I was always so impressed that people could stay on top of taking a picture a day and then posting about it. How fun to look back on once the year is over! Sarah over at Life {Sweet} Life is on her second year of Project 365. She did a post about a few of the apps she uses to help her out and I totally love them! You can check out her posts here and here.

I downloaded this app a while ago and back filled some pictures going back to January 8th. This app is awesome. You can set a reminder to help you remember to take a picture and you can add a caption right to the picture so you don’t forget what was special about it.

I also download this app which lets you add some fun templates to your pictures right on your phone.

I decided with these apps, I can totally do my own Project 365. So I missed the first week of January and I totally meant to post this on Sunday, but here are my pictures from last week…

Sunday 1/8

photo 2

Monday 1/9

photo 1

Tuesday 1/10

photo 3

Wednesday 1/11

photo 5

Thursday 1/12

photo 4

Friday 1/13

photo (12)

Saturday 1/14

photo (13)

This week I am going to try to decide on a format for my post and my goal is to actually post them every weekend instead of the middle of the following week! :)


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