Feb 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Usually I see clients on Monday, but Aedan’s sitter couldn’t watch kids today, so I flipped my schedule to Tuesday for this week…perks of working for yourself. :)

This morning we got up and did some grocery shopping and cleaning up from the weekend. Aedan is down for a nap now, so I thought I would recap our weekend.

My sister drove in Thursday night ,so we had all day to spend together on Friday. We did a little shopping Friday morning. I took her to Costco because she had never been before (and we needed a few things). She loved it. Haha. I scored some new hangers too. At $10 for a box of 35, I was able to switch out all of our old hangers for just $30. I feel like it makes my closet look cleaner and they are the kind that don’t let clothes slip off. I hate when all my tank tops or sweaters slide of the hanger!

photo (14)

After Costco, we headed to the mall. Aedan had a blast walking running around. I found a new bag at Macy’s and got a great deal on it! It is a cross body bag which is perfect since I usually hate caring a purse. It is the perfect size for all of Aedan’s stuff and mine and has tons of pockets to keep things organized. I love it! It was already 25% off and then Macy’s was giving an extra 20% off if you were wearing red (which my sister had heard about, so we dressed accordingly). I had a gift card from Christmas so I only spend $10 for the bag, not too bad.

photo (15)

We came home just in time to put Aedan down for a nap, only he was a little too excited to have his “Emmie” in town so he only slept for about an hour. He made it pretty clear he was done sleeping so we took him for a walk and to the park to play.

My sister’s roommate, Lexie, flew in Friday night (perks for working for Southwest; she can fly whenever she wants). We all had taco soup for dinner and watched 50/50 after Aedan went to bed super early (his lack of nap caught up with him pretty fast).

Saturday morning, my sister, Lexie and I headed out to do a little more shopping. I have been looking for some curtains for our living room/kitchen. I think I found what I want at World Market, but I need them to go on sale first. :) I did pick up a new vase at Homegoods to get me motivated to decorate the top of our kitchen cabinets. I still need to get some greenery and a platter of some sort to go in front of the tray, but I think it’s coming along.

photo (17)

While we were out shopping, Jon and Aedan hung out with some friends. I got a text with this picture from him at lunch. I think they all had fun.

photo (16)

Saturday night we were all pretty tired so we had pizza and TV night. We watched an episode of MOB Wives on Hulu. Yes, there is a show called MOB Wives and yes, it is as dramatic as it sounds. Haha.

My sister and Lexie left Sunday morning and we call had a pretty quiet day at home. It was rainy and cold so it was nice to just stay inside. We a couple of friends over last night for the Superbowl which is funny since we don’t usually watch football (Jon is more into soccer and while I don’t mind watching football, I am not going to turn it on myself). We couldn’t even remember the last Superbowl game we had watched. Haha. It was fun to watch this one with friends though.


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