Feb 14, 2012

Love Letters

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Love letter to my two favorite valentines…

Jon: Where do I begin? I can’t believe I was only 21 when we met. That seems so young now! I knew the night we met that there would be something between us. I don’t know if I understood just how much, but I have this feeling about you. Now look at us…about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! I can’t imagine life without and wouldn’t want to experience it with anyone else. Thank you for working so hard for your family and always putting us first. Thank you for always being on my side, for being a sounding board for my thoughts and vents, a shoulder to cry on when life gets rough and most of all a partner to love. You are quick to jump in when you see that I am frustrated or have had a hard day. You know just how to make me laugh, even if I am not in a laughing mood.

Watching you with Aedan is so special to me. You are such a wonderful father. He may ask for me when he is sick or tired, but he loves his daddy and wants to play with you all day! It makes me so happy to see your special relationship with our son. I can’t wait to watch it grow more and more. I love you the mostest! :)

Aedan: Oh Aedan, what did we do without you? Our house was definitely more quiet and definitely more boring! I wouldn’t trade the noise and the messy for anything. You are so full of life. You are so extroverted and strong-willed, sometimes I wonder where you came from! Your smile is precious and your laugh is so contagious. Daddy and I talk every night about how much you have made us laugh though out the day! I love watching you grow and learn. I am amazed by the things you pick up each day. My wish is for you to always know how special you are and how much you are loved.

Happy Valentines Day guys!!



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Maria said...

Great letters! That's true love :) I love how having a baby changes everything and makes you see each other differently- more loving, more caring. We will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary and it just keeps getting better.