Feb 16, 2012

Daddy’s Day Off

Jon’s birthday is on Saturday, so he decided to take today and tomorrow off. I am going to a work conference all day tomorrow, so it will be a daddy/son day, but today is a family day…my favorite!

Of course Aedan woke up early on a day we could have all slept in. Most of the time, during the week, Aedan doesn’t start waking up until 7:45/8 and then he doesn’t really want to get out of bed until more like 8:30. Actually, some mornings, I think he would stay in bed later, but I drag him out by 8:30ish. But of course this morning he was up at 7, calling us and saying he wanted out. Ha!

Since we were up early with no where to be, we decided to go to breakfast. We headed to our second favorite breakfast place, Kirby Lane. They have the best blueberry pancakes! The servers don’t know us, like the ones back at our old neighborhood breakfast place, but everyone is nice and the food is yummy.

After breakfast, we went over to Academy so Aedan could get Jon a birthday present. I bought Jon some portable soccer goals so Aedan got him a new soccer ball. I was a little mad because the goals were delivered yesterday and I thought it would work out for them to come when Jon was up at a work meeting, but of course the UPS guy drops them off right before Jon leaves and there was a big picture of the goals on the outside of the box….hence why Jon is using them today and not opening them on Saturday. Oh well.


From there we headed over to Toy R Us to look at climbers for Aedan, but they weren’t open yet and we didn’t feel like sitting in the car for 30 minutes waiting. We went to Wal-Mart and while they didn’t really have what we were looking for, Aedan found a lot of fun stuff. I think he wanted to take home at least 5 different cars, a little people airplane and school bus and a new popper. Ha! We let him choose one thing and we ended up coming home with the little people school bus. Oh and a banana, because our Wal-Mart has the bananas set up by the checkout lines and Aedan took it upon himself to grab one. :)

We spent the rest of the morning playing in the backyard.



Aedan is so into tools right now. He loves to fix everything…



All my boys (including Hiro) are napping now, so I am off to catch up on some  TV shows. I think we are heading to the park later this afternoon and then just relaxing at home tonight. It feels just like a Saturday, too bad I have to be in down town by 8 am tomorrow morning…


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