Feb 24, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. I am so glad it's Friday!!

2. Usually I try to only go to the grocery store once a week, but I always forget one thing. Seriously, it never fails, I will forget one item. The worst part is, I will remember the item when I get in the car to go home (you know, after I have loaded all my groceries in the car, buckled Aedan in his carseat and started backing it of the parking spot). It's annoying. I think it used to annoy Jon too, but now he just laughs at me when I get home and tell him what I forgot to get.

SO, this week I am trying something new out. We (Aedan and I) are going to the grocery store twice. Once at the beginning of the week and then again today. I like the idea of going twice because it means less meals I have to plan for at one and less to buy at once. We'll see how it goes...

3. I was sick all weekend with some kind of virus. My only real symptom was a fever with body aches and chills. No fun. A least it only lasted 3 days! I was bummed that it fell on the weekend because no one likes to be sick on Saturday and Sunday. But I am so glad Jon was able to entertain Aedan because I definitely did not feel up to it!

4. Speaking of sick, Aedan came down with something Monday night. He didn't have a fever until yesterday, just lots of congestion and a couch. His cough seemed to get a lot worse yesterday so I took him to the doctor. He tested positive for RSV. Poor guy. Hopefully he will start to feel better soon! Until then, he is basically on a milk diet because he refuses to eat anything else and neither of us is sleep well because he is up coughing and I am up worrying about him.

5. I'm sending out invites for Aedan's birthday party this weekend. We are just going to do a low key thing at home with friends and family. I'm so excited we have enough space to have everyone over! Now I just have to figure it what kind of food to serve...


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