Feb 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

It has been a really nice relaxing weekend around here.

Friday night we did our typical shopping/running errands and then out to dinner. We went by World Market and looked at curtains. I am have second thoughts about the curtains I picked out last weekend. Jon isn’t crazy about them either, so I guess I am back to square one there. We stopped by Lowes to look at rugs before ending up at Home Depot.

Our new house has tile floors throughout the kitchen and living room and wood in the office. It also has pretty tall ceilings everywhere. It is great and we love it but it can be a little echoy. We have been looking for a rug for Jon’s office as well as a couple of runners for our entryway/long hallway. We ended up finding a couple of options for Jon’s office so we took one home on Friday night. Aedan insisted on helping carry it out.

photo (18)

When we got home, we decided that the rug was too small and too light so we went back Saturday morning and exchanged it for a bigger darker rug. It looks great in the office and Jon really likes it (which is good since he spend a lot of time in there).  You can’t really tell from the picture, but it has dark brown, tan and blue mixed in.

photo (19)

After lunch on Saturday, both Jon and Aedan took a 3.5 hour nap. I got some laundry done and finally watched Break Dawn. I really wanted to see it when it came out, but I didn’t want to drag Jon to the theater for this one. It came out on Redbox yesterday so I grabbed it on our way home from Home Depot. The movie was so so, but I wasn’t really expected much. I just wanted to see it since I read all the books.

When the boys woke up, we got ready and headed up to my grandmother’s (Grandy) place for dinner. My parents were in town, so we all got together with my aunt, my other grandmother (Grandmom) to celebrate Grandy’s birthday. We got to eat in a private dinning room at her apartment which was really nice. Aedan did great, but it was nice that he could just run around the room once he was finished.

After dinner we headed over to the Dover House for dessert (it used to be Grandmom’s house, but she moved to an apartment and my parents now own it to use when they come down). It’s on Dover Ln, hence the name. :) Aedan had a blast and played his little heart out.

This morning, Jon went up north for a soccer game but apparently the other team didn’t show. Probably because it was only about 32 this morning and has since started sleeting off and on! Jon and his team played for awhile and he is now on his way home with P. Terry's for us for lunch. Yay!

After Aedan’s nap, we are going to do a little grocery shopping and just hang out inside for the day.

How was your weekend?


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