Feb 13, 2012

Home with a Sick Baby

Last night around 10:30, Aedan woke up crying. It's pretty unusual for him, so I went in to check on him and he just wouldn't calm down. While I was holding him, he just kept saying he wanted night night and trying to dive into bed.  I finally just put him back to bed and after another few minutes of him crying Jon went in and had the same result. 

I thought maybe he had had a bad dream or something so I brought him into our room since we were able to go to bed ourselves. He would not calm down in our bed so I finally decided I'd just go put him back to bed. Literally 2 seconds after I picked him up out of our bed and walked into the kitchen he threw up all over himself and me. Ugh. Poor guy was so upset. 

We got him all cleaned up and calmed down and decided to let him watch a show. I wasn't sure if he was going to throw up again and have a repeat of this.  Well an hour later, he seems fine and even asks to go play. Ha! So we put him back to bed and crossed our fingers that he would be able o fall asleep. He did for about 30 minutes and then he was up crying again. Sigh.

Jon has a really busy week at work this week and I didn't want him no be up all night so Aedan and I camped out in the living room for a couple of hours. I finally put him to sleep around 2:30 but he kept crying off an on all night so I just stayed on the couch with the baby monitor. 

He was up again at 6 so we watched yet another episode of Bob the Builder before he passed out on he couch. I put him back to bed at 7:30 and headed straight to bed myself.  We both slept for a couple of hours and basically just laid on the couch all morning. I'm not sure what he has, but I am thinking maybe it's his two year molars? He has been drooling like crazy and he doesn't want to eat anything. He hasn't thrown up again so I don't know if that was a fluke or related to the teeth.  I gave him some Motrin this afternoon and he has been down for a nap for awhile now. He is sleeping pretty restlessly but at least he is sleeping. 

I've been useless all day. Its hard to function on only a couple hours of sleep!  I'm hoping he wakes up feeling more like himself and we have a better night tonight!


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