Aug 11, 2014

Phone Pictures

Aedan loves to build things. A few weeks ago, we spent the day in Round Rock with my mom. I knew Aedan wouldn’t take a nap, so I had him do rest time in the “playroom”. This is what I found when I came to get him.


He built this fort all on his own. It has a front door (through the pillow and green chair) and a backdoor (under the desk).


Adelaide will finally let me put her hair in a ponytail. It is the cutest thing ever!


I ordered the kids backpacks for school and they came in last week. Aedan got a red one and Adelaide got a purple one. I didn’t think she would actually wear it, but she loves it! She asks to wear it all the time. I have a feeling once a lunch box is inside it may pull her backwards!














Summer is winding down. We only have 3 weeks left until school starts, which is crazy. I have to say, we have had a lot of fun this summer, but I am looking forward to more of a schedule and some breaks from the kids. It has been hot so we had an indoor picnic the other day. It was fun, although didn’t last long since Adelaide pretty much just fed her lunch to Hiro.


And last but not least, I think Aedan finished with his afternoon naps. I seriously wasn’t sure it would ever come, but a couple of weeks ago he stopped going to sleep at nap time. I still have him do a pretty strict rest time. He can have some toys but he has to stay in his room and play quietly. So far it has been going well. He tends to fall asleep a couple of times a week and I always find him on the floor!



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