Aug 28, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Well, our week hasn’t gone as planned, unfortunately. Nothing horrible, just not as expected.

We made it to the splash pad Monday morning and on the way home Adelaide fell asleep in the car, which is something she never does. She seemed okay, but after her nap she woke up with a low fever. I had to cancel our plans to go to the Children’s Museum on Tuesday.

Then Tuesday morning she woke up with a little higher of a fever, but still not other symptoms. A little Motrin took the fever right down and she seemed fine. She even woke up from her nap on Tuesday and didn’t have a fever for the rest of the day. I went ahead and cancelled our Wednesday morning plans anyway since I didn’t want to spread any germs.

I thought we were in the clear and it was just a small virus or teething, but then she woke up Wednesday morning with a  fever again. I’m writing this as she is napping on Wednesday so I am hoping she makes a quick recovery, but I am thinking she is going to have to miss meet the teacher tomorrow (Thursday). So bummed.

So, instead of getting out and about this week, we have been doing a lot of playing at home and watching movies.

This guy couldn’t be happier. He would stay home 24/7 if he had the option!

I found him, after rest time, trying to tie himself up with a bungee cord.


This one on the other hand, has been asking to put shoes on and go in the “cars” pretty much all day. I went to a work out class last night and as soon as she saw me getting my socks on, she ran and go her shoes and socks. Poor thing. She is a little bored at home I guess.














Hopefully she can shake this virus soon and no one else gets it. I’m looking forward to a long weekend and then the first day of school next week!!


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