Aug 25, 2014

Phone Pictures

This is our last week of summer and we have a jam backed week. We are heading to a splash pad today and have fun plans tomorrow morning, plus a playgroup and meet the teacher towards the end of the week!

We have been doing a lot of swimming these past few weeks. Aedan is really doing well and Adelaide will finally wear the puddle jumper without a fight, which makes going to the pool much less crazy for me.

20140812_160141 - Copy

Aedan still loves to pretend to be a fireman. He borrowed this police helmet and belt from his sitter’s house and decided to combine it with his fireman gear. He has even told us he wants his birthday party at the fire station again.

20140813_160558 - Copy

20140816_134934 - Copy

I recently taught Aedan how to check the mail. He loves it! I drive up to our mailboxes and let him hop out on his own. He even keeps the mail key in the cup holder of his car seat. He knows how to find the mail box and unlock it. So far the only problem we have is that I tend to forget to check the mail, so it is usually stuffed full. I need to get him a little basket to fill up, so he doesn’t drop everything on the way to the car!

20140814_102437 - Copy

And of course I can’t leave out this girl. She is very into getting herself dressed. In fact it has become and all out battle to get shorts on her in the morning, because she thinks she can do it on her own. School mornings will be fun with her. Ha! Anyway, whenever I am putting laundry away, she is quick to steal whatever she can and try to put it own. This time it was 3 pair of my underwear.  She was very proud of herself for getting them own, but then got pretty frustrated when they fell straight off when she stood up!

20140817_083123 - Copy

Aedan got out his Buzz costume the other day and wore it for a little while. As soon as he took it off, Adelaide wanted it on.

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My sister talked me into signing up for Snapchat. Still seems like the most ridiculous thing ever. She sends me stuff occasionally and when I remember, I send her pictures like this back. Just keeping it real!

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Happy Monday!


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