Sep 22, 2014

Random Stories

Whenever I talk to my mom, I am always telling her little stories of funny things the kids have done. I don’t always have pictures of these things so I tend to not post about them. My mom reminded me that I will want these things written down someday to use as blackmail to bring back memories.

First up, Aedan. Oh gosh, where do I even begin? I just feel like he is destined for drama in the future. He loves to pretend play and is usually strutting around the house dressed up as a fireman…boots, jacket, hat, camelback as an air tank, Hawaiian lei as a walkie-talkie, and of course just underwear because shorts are over-rated. Or, he is dressed up as some kind of solider. Usually a storm trooper of some type. Generally the same getup without the fireman jacket.

He is always running into the room telling me I need to get out because there is a fire in the room or he is asking me to be the princess and he will protect me from the robots. Such a fun age!


Then of course there is Adelaide. Oh Adelaide. Such a little fire cracker. At school she is allowed to carry her blanket around except at lunch and snack. The first week she threw some major fits about that. The second week, they told me she would scream all the way from her classroom to the lunch room, put her blanket in a chair on her own (while screaming) and then go to her seat, and eat lunch or snack with no problems. This is the third week, and I think she has gotten over the power struggler because she finally stopped screaming on the way to the lunch room.

She is also all about doing things on her own. I don’t know if it is because she is the little sister or just her personality, but if Aedan can do it, she is determined to give it her best shot. She loves to get herself dressed, which must be a personality thing or a girl thing, because Aedan would still love for me to dress him while he tells me some story. She loves to find Aedan’s underwear or her shorts and try to put them on. The only problem is, she typically gets both legs through one hole. She pulls them up and then tries to walk around. She can only take itty bitty steps since both legs on in one hole, but she is so proud of herself!

The other morning, I heard some water running in the bathroom. I thought it was Aedan washing his hands or something, but then I saw him siting on the couch. When I went to see what Adelaide was doing…this is what I found. She was pretty happy with herself!


I am so blessed to have such happy, healthy kids. I am so thankful that I get to spend so much time with them and watch these crazy little things happen as they grow up!



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Kerri said...

Haha- it must be a little sister/second child thing. Adelaide reminds me so much of Macey, and it's not just because of that white blonde hair. Macey is also my fearless child who think she can keep up with her big brother (and most of the time, she can!)