Jan 4, 2016


I'm not sure where to begin.

This one keeps us on our toes. I was better about blogging when Aedan was this age and he probably has funny stories all about him in the archives.  I need to get better about sharing Adelaide’s stories...

This is how she went to dinner one night. Not pictures are the cowboy boots and gloves that she had to take off to eat. We ate outside on a patio and she kept asking me why it was so dark. Ha!

2015-12-04 18.03.23

2015-12-04 18.05.53

She is always packing up a little bag or backpack ("paback") whenever we go anywhere. I mean anywhere. She brings so much stuff in the car. Luckily she usually forgets about most of it on the drive and doesn't insist on bringing it all in with her!

We told her to get her shoes on to go run some errands, and this is how she come out...she has a knight helmet, superhero mask, camel-back backpack full of random items, a shield, bandanna, and there is a balloon in her hand too.

2016-01-02 10.33.38

Sometimes her bags are full of all the socks she owns, or 4 pair of extra shoes. Sometimes pjs or hair bands and bows. It is funny, because whatever it is, it is usually a bunch of the same item. You never know when you will need 10 pair of socks.

Here is one from the greenbelt with Jon and Aedan. She was mad because Hiro kept shaking water all over her.

2015-12-21 11.06.04

Not ammused to be photo-bombed by her big brother!

2015-12-21 11.06.07

Last week, she threw the biggest fit because I would not take her into the mens room at a jumpy house. It was the kind of fit where everyone is looking at her wondering if she is hurt. My friend said I needed one of the signs that said “I’m not hurt, my mom just won’t let me go to the mens room”. We had to pack up our stuff and leave, which didn’t happen before 2-3 of her attempts to sprint towards the mens room. She screamed the whole way home and then when she finally calmed down, I told her (for the millionth time) that only daddy can take her to the mens room. For the next two days she kept asking when daddy would take her to the jumpy house so she could go in the boys bathroom. Seriously.


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