Jan 18, 2016

Sleeping In & The Flu

We have hit a sweet spot in terms of the kids ages. At almost 6 and 3, they play really well together (most of the time), they are easy to take places, and can do a lot on their own.

During Christmas break, Jon and I got really spoiled. The kids would wake up and either start playing or watch TV. All without coming to wake us up. We probably stayed in bed until 9 am just about every morning.

Usually by 9 Adelaide will come ask for some milk or help opening a breakfast bar (our cue to get up and get breakfast going). Sometimes Aedan will come in like this…just a day in the life of a 5-year-old boy. Ha!

2016-01-02 08.50.54

I think sleeping in on the weekends and breaks, makes our early school mornings a little more bearable!

My mom got me an adult coloring book for Christmas. It is a lot of fun and very relaxing.

2015-12-27 14.12.02

In other news, Jon tested positive for the flu last weekend. He was so so sick all weekend/beginning of the week. On Tuesday he started to get worse instead of better. He went back in and a chest x-ray confirmed pneumonia. He is feeling much much better now, thank goodness!

It was a long week for both of us! Single parenting is not for the weak. We were ready for the 3-day weekend and had a great one!



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