Apr 14, 2009

Not feeling so good

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, yuck! I went to my morning session (shadowing in a first grade classroom). The 3.5 hours I was there felt like forever! When I got home I just laid on the couch and did nothing for a couple of hours. Jon came home and talked me into skipping class tonight (when I say he talked me into skipping, I mean I said "I want to skip class tonight" and he said "okay"). After watching a couple of episodes of LOST (we are trying to get caught up and are almost done with session 2) we both took a 2 hour nap! I woke up feeling a little bit better but my throat still hurts. :(

Jon took Hiro out to play and I cleaned up the house and heated up some leftovers for dinner. Now we are watching more LOST (we should finish session 2 tonight). After dinner I'm going to go make some chocolate chips cookies and then maybe I will work on my research paper for a little while.

Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow because I have a full day of work (I have gotten spoiled by working part-time and only working half days). Now on Wednesdays I have a full day of sessions.

Remember the patio we built? Well we had some extra stones and a lot of extra decomposed granite (what we put under and between the stones). We stacked the extra stones up in the garage in case we want to use them again. But the granite was just sitting in a large pile in our driveway. Last night a couple out walking their dogs came by and asked if they could have it...I said of course! Today they came by with a wheel barrow and took it away...yay! Jon can now park in the driveway. It was also fun to meet some new neighbors. One of them told me about a google group that our homeowners association set up. She told me how to sign up and now we should be able to see upcoming neighborhood events and such going on around here. I am hoping to get to know some more people in the neighborhood since I think we may be staying in this house for at least 5 more years or so.

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