Apr 12, 2009

There is nothing like a long weekend

Well except maybe a whole week off, but still a long weekend is wonderful.

I was able to head to Plano on Thursday afternoon. I got off work at noon and I decided to skip class Thursday night (yay, for good friends who will turn in papers for you when you want to leave town early). The plan was to drive into Plano by early afternoon and go out to dinner with my parents and my sister. Unfortunately when I got to about Waco I got a call from my sister saying my great aunt had to go to the hospital . She suffers from congestive heart failure so every now and then excess fluid builds up and she has to go into the hospital for them to correct it. We are thankful she is doing well now and will probably get to go back home tomorrow or Tuesday. We didn’t get to go out to eat that night as a family, but my sister and I were able to get dinner together and catch up which was nice.

Friday I went with my parents to shop for granite. They are in the process of remodeling their bathroom. It was fun to see all the different options. I asked a lot of questions about prices and such for our kitchen, but I think in the house we are in now granite is just too pricey for us…oh well next house maybe. Anyway, my parents picked out a beautiful granite and they are going to get a matte finish so instead of it being shiny, it will look more natural and feel soft almost like leather…very cool! Friday night we went to Easter service which was nice. I wish our church in Austin had a Friday night service. Its the perfect way to start the weekend/end the week and you can sleep in on Sundays. :)

Saturday was filled with hanging out with friends and relaxing which was great. My mom made a big Easter dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and pineapple casserole (it is delicious, I will have to post the recipe on here sometime soon).

This morning we all slept in and my dad made breakfast. Over french toast and coffee we started talking about home improvement ideas for my house…if you know my family you know that this is what we do. In fact most Saturday mornings my parents can be found with coffee in one hand and a tape measure in the other, talking about plans for the next renovation. I am excited about the ideas we talked about for my house.

Jon made dinner tonight while I finished up the homework I neglected over the weekend. Now I am catching up on some old Lost episodes while Jon writes some emails for work. After a long weekend away, its nice to be back home and relaxing with my two favorite boys, Jon and Hiro.

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