Apr 26, 2009

This weekend

Jon and I headed up to Plano for a quick family trip. We both took off work on Friday so we could skip Austin and Dallas Friday traffic. We got to Plano around 2 and dropped Hiro off at my parents house. My parents were kind enough to put us up in a hotel over the weekend (they are doing some remodeling so they thought we would be more comfortable there). So after dropping off Hiro we checked into the hotel and rested a little bit.

We meet up with my parents and sister at a cool outdoor shopping area in Allen. We had dinner at the Woodlands Grill. It was nice and relaxing, we ate outside and enjoyed the great weather. After dinner my mom and sister and I did some shopping. Our first stop was the Vera Bradley store. I have never had anything from Vera Bradley and I decided I needed to make my first purchase. I bought this cosmetic bag. 10385038

Cute right? It easily holds all the makeup that I use on a daily basis so it can just sit out on the bathroom counter and look cute. :)

On Saturday my family got up bright and early to go down to the Dallas Museum of Art. We checked out the King Tut exhibit.


It was very cool. We were also able to check out some other art at the DMA.

After lunch Jon and I decided to go test drive Subaru Foresters. Um…I know, we can be impulsive and random at times. We had been talking about wanted to get a bigger car in the future and Jon loves Subaru so he wanted me to check out the Forester. I love it!


Ultimately it will probably be another year before we get a new car. We decided we want to focus on the house this summer and do things like wood floors and then figure out the car stuff next year. But it was fun to look!

Saturday night my family enjoyed my Mom’s homemade lasagna. It was amazing!

This morning we headed back to Austin and now we are watching a few more episodes of LOST before Jon has to go to bed (he is waking up at 5 am to drive to San Angelo for work in the morning). All and all it was a great weekend. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get together with friends but it was great to spend time with my family.

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