Apr 20, 2009

Weekend update and pictures

I’ve really been slacking when it comes to posting. I haven’t felt well all week…first a sore throat for 2 days, then a bad cough for 2 days and now I have lots of congestion…awesome. The good news is I am not feeling too bad day…just dealing with the congestion.

I had a long day Friday and to make matters worse it rained all day. By the time I got home around 8 I was ready to be done. I immediately changed in to PJs and Jon and I enjoyed pizza while curled up on the couch. Saturday morning Jon had to get up early and drive to Houston for a job. It was still pouring when I woke up so I made use of the morning by cleaning up the house and making Texas Caviar for a cook-out we went to last night. It was easy to make and a huge hit at the party…thanks for the recipe Mom!

Jon made it home Saturday afternoon, but was exhausted so while he took a nap, I made my self focus on my research paper. I finally finished and now I just have to go back and edit. After I finished the paper and convinced Jon to wake up we headed over to World Market. They have a “friends and family” weekend twice a year, and if you have the special coupon you can get 25% anything you buy all weekend. I decided we needed to take advantage of this. We bought a couple of cute wooden folding chairs. We are going to keep them on our front porch like this.


We just need to get a couple of potted plants and we will have a nice little sitting area on our front porch. A nice bonus is these chairs match our adirondack chairs on the back patio, which will be perfect when we have people over. We can just move these chairs to the back and have a great place to enjoy the summer evenings with friends.

After shopping at World Market we were both pretty hungry. We decided to head over to South Austin’s Trailer Park and Eatery. It is a fun little outdoor space that has 3 trailers with different types of food and then a bunch of picnic benches. We love the tacos at Torchy’s Tacos. My favorite is the Trailer Park and I get queso added, which makes it a Trashy Trailer Park. :)

After dinner we felt like dessert was in order. If you get dinner from a trailer shouldn’t get dessert from a trailer? Of course! We headed over to Hey Cupcake on South Congress. As soon as we turned onto South Congress we realized we may have made a mistake. The traffic was horrible! People were lined up and down the street with chairs and cameras. Apparently there was some sort of old car rally and people were driving up and down Congress showing off their cars. Since it was going to take us forever to get through all the traffic we decided to park and enjoy the festivities. We picked up some delicious cupcakes and then enjoyed a stroll down South Congress.

Yesterday Jon had to work again, but this time at least the job was in Austin so he got to sleep in. The weather was beautiful so I took Hiro out to Town Lake and meet up with my friend Jesse and her dog Norma Jean. The 4 of us made our way around the 6 mile loop. When I got home Jon had already gone to work so I finished up my weekend chores (cleaning and laundry). Then I remembered I never took pictures of our new bedroom arrangement. Here is the view from the bathroom door.


Here is the view from the other side.


I haven’t moved any of the wall hangings since I wanted to see how I liked the arrangement first. I am thinking out getting two big framed prints for the long wall on the side of the bed. In the little nook with the door I want to get a comfy chair and ottoman. Eventually we want to replace the door with a window since we really don’t need a door there (it goes to the back porch) and a window would allow us to let more fresh air into the bedroom. What do you think off the new arrangement? I like it, except for the big empty wall next to the bed…it will look so much better with some artwork of some kind.

Last night we went to a cook-out with some of my co-workers. It was a nice relaxing evening and we enjoyed swapping stories from work…we have some good ones. Trust me when you work with kids, especially the population we work with there is at least one funny/inappropriate/embarrassing story per day. :)

Well I think that about sums up our weekend. Here is one more picture.


This is what’s on my nightstand. The lotion was something my mom put in my Easter basket, it is wonderful! I use it every night before bed. I am reading the book The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I am embarrassed to say I have been reading this book most of the semester. I love to read and usually finish a book in a matter of weeks, or even days. I have just been lazy this semester and instead of reading at night I have been watching more TV. School ends in 3 weeks, so I plan on making up for the lack of reading over the summer.

What is on your nightstand? What good books would you recommend for my summer reading list?

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Steven said...

Lauren, you have to read "A year of living Biblically"- It is so funny.