Apr 28, 2009

Just and update of my count down

Only 10 more days until I am officially on summer break! I have a presentation tonight and Thursday night and a final next Tuesday. I have to go to my last class next Thursday to listen to other groups present (my group gets to present this Thursday and get it over with). Then…I’m DONE until August 26th!!

So here is a list of things we hope to accomplish over the summer

  • put in wood floors throughout the house
  • paint bathroom cabinets
  • paint and add crown molding to the kitchen cabinets
  • build a pergola over our flagstone patio (this one is mostly on Jon)
  • install closet organizers in master closet
  • paint the study
  • paint the extra bedroom

Yikes, that’s a long list of painting projects! Before I start working down that list, I am going to do some major cleaning out of everything. Then, once I finish up the list I am going to do some shopping for accessories. Here is a wish list of things I want to buy for our house soon.

  • a chair and ottoman for our bedroom nook
  • art work for our bedroom (I am thinking about making something since I don’t want to spend a lot of money)
  • baskets and such for extra storage in various rooms
  • rugs for the rooms were we install wood floors.

Okay, this list could go on and on forever. But I don’t think you are every done decorating a house, it just kind of evolves with you. :)


The Haynes Family said...

Do you have a TJ Maxx Homegoods store near you? I LOVE it. The reason I thought of this is b/c they have some really great baskets at awesome prices.

good luck with your projects! I'm still working on getting Steven to hang the pictures in our bedroom.

Lauren and Jon said...

Oh good idea, I think we have a Homegoods here...I will have to check it out.