Oct 16, 2009

17 (Almost 18) Weeks


How far along? 17 weeks(well almost 18, since I am late posting this)
Total weight gain/loss: at my last appointment I had gained 1/2 a lb, but I am still negative a pound or so (I lost a good 5-6 lbs being so sick). I haven’t been nearly as sick over the last couple of weeks so I’m sure I have gain more weight now.
Maternity clothes: I’ve been using a bella band with all my pants, and I have been mostly wearing maternity shirts starting this week.
Stretch marks: Not yet and hopefully it will stay that way. 
Sleep: I wake up at least 2-3 times but usually go back to sleep right away. I have been having some pretty crazy dreams!
Best moment this week: Not feeling sick all the time.
Movement: Not yet.
Food cravings: Not really anything specific, but when I get an idea of what I want in my head, that is all I want.
Gender: We’ll find out on the 29th!
Labor signs: None!
Belly button in or out: Still in.
What I miss: Not worrying about throwing up.
What I am looking forward to: Starting to buy baby stuff!
Weekly wisdom: Don’t have anything to drink a few hours before going to bed…too many trips to the bathroom!
Milestone: I think I am officially showing this week. I ran into someone who didn’t know I was pregnant and she kept glancing at my belly. :)



The Haynes Family said...

Lauren, you are such a cute preggy! Steven and I were really glad that we started shopping for Jackson early on. It really helped to just buy a few things every month instead of trying to buy everything in the last few weeks. I think our first "big" purchase was Jackson's bathtub. Compared to a stroller, crib, car seat, etc a bathtub doesn't seem big, but for whatever reason that was the little shove we needed to get the ball rolling. Let me know if you have any questions about what we loved/didn't love. :) Baby shopping is too much fun!!

The Haynes Family said...

Val had a nap in her kennel last night too! thanks for the encouragement, I really think this might be the solution. fingers crossed! :)