Oct 11, 2009

A Cold Weather Weekend

The heat index on Thursday was 102, then the high on Friday was only in the 60s! It rained most of the day Friday and today, and the entire weekend has been full of cool fall weather. I have loved every minute of it!

Friday I worked late so Jon and I enjoyed a quiet evening together at home.

Saturday we slept in and went out to breakfast. Hot chocolate and pancakes, yum! After breakfast we went shopping for a chiminea. We found a few at a place near us, but we didn’t like the designs on them and the price was a little high. Since it didn’t rain yesterday, we took Hiro out to play and then came home and did some cleaning. Jon had to work last night, so I got caught up on some TiVOed shows.

Today we went to lunch with Jon’s grandparents and great aunt. It was great to see them and enjoy some unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden. On our way home we stopped at another outdoor shop to check out some more chimineas. We found the perfect one for much cheaper than the last place. I also picked up a cute turtle planter that will be perfect for planting a small herb garden. Since it’s still raining the chiminea and planter are in our garage. I will post some pictures once we get them moved to the backyard. Now I just need to add smore ingredients to my grocery list this week. :)

Okay, time to bundle up to take Hiro for a walk, and then enjoy some Sunday night TV curled up on the couch.


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