Oct 1, 2009

Doctor Appointment and ACL

This morning I had my 16 week appointment and I thought I would give a little update. Everything looks good. Nice strong heartbeat at 150 (the nurse thinks its a girl).

My TSH levels are way low, but my thyroid levels are normal. My doctor thinks it is because I have been so sick, so we are going to keep checking them each time I go in. And, yes, even though I am 16 weeks, I am still sick! Ugh! If I take Zofran every morning then it gets me through the day, but I start feeling sick in the evening…my doctor told me to go ahead and take one in the evening as well. I am just ready to not have to worry about throwing up everyday, its gross!

We get to schedule our big ultrasound for 20 weeks. Since I will be 20 weeks on a Saturday, I think we will have to make the appointment the week after, but we should know what we are having the first week in November! Yay!

Tomorrow starts off ACL weekend! I am so excited about the cooler weather (this will be our 5th year to go and I am pretty sure it has hit at least 100 degrees every other year). The only bad thing is they are calling for 60% chance of rain all week…looks like I need to go buy some ponchos. Stay tuned for pictures!


1 comment:

Chelsa said...

we found out on monday- we're having a boy!! i knew it!

can't wait to hear what you're having as well.

boo to still being sick for you :( that isn't any fun. hope it goes away soon.