Oct 25, 2009

A Productive Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow, is it already Sunday night? This weekend flew by! Saturday morning Jon had a remote job early in the morning. While he was working in the office, I slept in. :) When he was done we decided to tackle the soon-to-be nursery.

Last weekend we combined our office and our guest/extra TV room into one room. While that room now looks great, the other room looked like a giant storage closet. We started by rearranging some storage in the garage (and cleaning out some junk), then we moved a lot of stuff to the attic and garage. We have an entertainment center that we bought when we first moved in and later replaced. We thought we were going to sell it since we no longer need it. As a puppy Hiro did some damage to the corners so we knew we won’t get much. We decided to just set it up in the garage and use it for storage. It worked out great! We were able to clean out the entire nursery. It is now a completely blank slate! I can’t wait to start planning the nursery.

I have picked out a few cribs that I like as well as a dresser that I think will work. I am thinking white for a girl and espresso for a boy.



I’m leaning more towards the first one (both come in both colors) but I’m not for sure yet.

Here is the dresser I like

30431_PE118673_S3 0095343_PE238668_S3

Once we find out what we are having I am going to start seriously looking at bedding. I’m thinking about making some things myself, like a crib skirt and curtains. There is just so much cute fabric out there and I really want to personalize the nursery, plus it will save us some money. :)

Anyway, what I really need to do is study for comps this week and use next weekend to think about all the nursery possibilities. :)


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Chelsa said...

we have that same white crib! i love it :)

can't wait to know what you're having and see your choices for nursery decor!