Nov 11, 2011

Yikes, another week without a blog post...

We have a tough week around here, but it's Friday again and things are looking much better!!

Jon headed up to Colorado, for work, last Sunday and just got back about 30minutes ago. I wasn't too excited about spending the week as a single mom and as luck would have it, my sister was able to skip some school and come down to hang out! And I am so glad she did!!

Monday, when I picked Aedan up at the sitter's house, she told me that his cough (which he has had for awhile now) had gotten much worse. So on our way home, I went ahead and made an appointment for Tuesday morning with the doctor.

Monday night was rough. Aedan was up from about 9pm-3am just coughing. I tried everything I could think of to help him, including us sitting in the bathroom while I ran a hot shower at about 1am. I'm pretty sure Aedan thought I was going crazy.

We headed the doctor Tuesday morning and they sent us home with a few prescriptions after doing a chest x ray and a WBC. I figured we could stop by Target and pick up some groceries and his medicine and then head home for the day to rest. I was wrong...

First, the pharmacist told me it would be at least 30 minutes before it was ready. So I tried to grocery shop slowly, which is hard with a sick baby in the cart. Finally 30 minutes was up and I waited in line to pick up the medicine, only to find out they needed me to activate a coupon card my doctor had given us. I got to sit on the phone for another 10 minutes to get that activated. Then we got our medicine, only to find out they didn't carry one of the things we needed...would have been helpful for them to tell me that at the beginning!!!

From Target, we headed to Walgreens to get the missing item. Get to Walgreens, in the rain I might add, and find out we need the prescription for the item, which is still at Target. I think I almost started crying. The pharmacist there was very nice, called the doctor and got us what we needed pretty quickly.

Aedan and I finally get home, I lay him on the cough and get the first dose of medicine out to give him, hoping to give him some relief from the coughing. Apparently it tasted pretty bad and he promptly threw up all of me, himself and the couch. Awesome. A quick bath for Aedan and I put him to bed so I could get everything cleaned up.

My sister arrived Tuesday night and was such a huge help for the rest of the week. We ended up having to go back to the doctor Wednesday morning since Aedan was still not breathing well and cough a lot. He got a steroid shot and just a few hours later, I could see a huge difference. He still has a bad cough but is able to breath and sleep so much better.

We had a lazy end of the week, just hanging out around the house. My sister was awesome and ran a bunch of errands for me along with helping with Aedan. I am so glad we were able have some sister time and I am so thankful she was here to help while Aedan was sick.

Now I am off to enjoy the weekend!!!


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Maria said...

Sorry about your week but I'm glad he's doing better. Perfect timing on your sister's part :)