Dec 8, 2012

Things We Love–One Month Edition

I did a monthly update as well as a things we love post each month of Aedan’s first year. I figured I should keep it up for Adelaide too.

So here are a few things we have been loving/using a lot this month…

Adelaide sleeps in her Rock n Play for all of her naps and every night. For most of her first month she slept in our room but napped in her room. I love that this was so easy to move around the house. She also has some reflux, just like Aedan, so it helps that it elevates her as well. I am guessing she will continue to sleep in this until 3/4 months when we stop swaddling her and let her sleep on her stomach in the crib.

I have also been loving the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. We don’t use them to actually swaddle her, but these blankets are great for covering the carseat or using as a nursing cover.

We used Dr. Brown bottles with Aedan although when he went through his whole refusing a bottle time, I tried a bunch of different kinds (not that it worked…in the end we did bottle bootcamp). This time around I tried to switch to Avent bottles because they are easier to clean but Adelaide was not a fan. In the end she takes a Dr. Brown bottle perfectly (as long as it is warm).

Along with the Dr. Brown bottles, we have been loving our bottle warmer too. We didn’t unpack it right away and were just heating up the bottles in a measuring cup and water, but since I give Adelaide bottles during the day, I got it out and remembered why I love it. I drop a bottle in, press start, get her up and change her diaper and then the bottle is ready to go.

Last but not least, we love the Miracle Blanket. We got these when Aedan was a couple of months old and used them until we stopped swaddling. We have been using them with Adelaide since we brought her home. They are easy to use and impossible to break out of…at least at her age. They help her sleep more soundly which means I get more sleep, so it’s a win win. We originally bought them for Aedan so she gets to use a blue one and a blue camo one. :)


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