Jan 18, 2013

A Busy Week

It has been a busy week and I am so glad the weekend is almost here!

Aedan started back at school this week and he cried when Jon dropped him off on Tuesday, but when I took him on Thursday he was totally fine. :)

Adelaide went to the sitter’s house for the first time this week also. She did pretty good. She took a bottle with no problems which is more than Aedan did when he started going at this age. She didn’t sleep great but I expected that. Apparently my kids do great sleeping at home, but not so great anywhere else. Oh well.

I feel like we have had something going on every morning this week, so this morning I decided we were just going to stay home. I am so glad neither Jon or I have to rush out the door every morning. It is so hectic trying to get everyone ready and breakfast eaten while trying to get out the door! Props to those of you who work full time and/or work outside the house. This morning Aedan and I did a lot of playing and Adelaide got to take her first two naps completely uninterrupted (although she decided to wake up early from her first one, but at least I was dragging her out of bed).

We have a fun birthday party to go to tomorrow and then I am hoping we find some time to enjoy the great weather we are supposed to have this weekend. Adelaide is just getting big enough to ride in the ergo carrier without the full infant insert, which makes it much more comfortable for me.

I didn’t take many pictures this week other than on my phone (which I generally post on instagram…you can follow me under laurenelissa). I was going to post a couple of cute videos but live writer is not cooperating right now, so hopefully I'll get them up this weekend.


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