Jan 31, 2013

Three Months

What!?! How has it already been 3 months!


Adelaide, here is what you have been up to this past month…

  • I’m not sure how much you weigh, we go for a shot visit next week so I will update then. I am guessing you are between 12-13 lbs. So much smaller than Aedan was at this age!
  • You wear size 2 diapers and all size 0-3 or 3 month clothes. I think you will stay in this size for another month since most everything still has a decent amount of room in it.
  • Your eyes are still blue, but they are a much darker blue than Aedan’s. You are getting more hair and it is pretty light blonde on top and darker in the back.
  • We started putting you to sleep on your tummy right at 8 weeks. Aedan’s naps got horrible right at 8 weeks and didn’t get better until we flipped him to his tummy around 14/15 weeks. I told myself if/when your naps started to get bad, I’d put you on your tummy immediately. Sure enough, the day your turned 8 weeks, you started waking up early from all your naps. We flipped you to your tummy and they were instantly better again. If I had a third baby (we will not, but just hypothetically), I would probably start it sleeping on it’s tummy from day one.
  • You take 4 naps a day, usually 3 longer ones and one catnap in the evening. You go to bed around 7:30 and will sometimes sleep all the way until 7:30 the next morning. More often, you wake up to eat around 5, and go back to sleep until I get you up at 8.
  • I figure 7:30 pm-5 am is a pretty good stretch, plus you go back down very easily so it is not so bad. Although, I have to feed you and then change your diaper and put you back down. With Aedan, I always changed him first, then he nursed back to sleep in the middle of the night. You haven’t nursed to sleep since you were about 2 weeks old and you are super picky about having a clean diaper. One night I tried to change you first and then fed and put you back down. It was taking forever for you to fall back asleep so I finally realized what I had done, changed your diaper and you were out in about 5 minutes. Seriously.
  • You eat about 6 times at day, every 3 hours until the evening and then we do every 2 hours to squeeze that extra feeding in. You nurse really well, although most of the time you only eat on one side per feeding. This had me worried for awhile, but you are growing and I can’t make you eat so I ‘m fine with it now. It is nice because it makes our feeding sessions pretty fast.
  • You also take a bottle pretty well. Although I have noticed that the days you take a bottle, you tend to wake up twice at night. I’m not sure why. I have tried to give you bigger bottles but the most you will take is 4-5 oz.
  • You are super smiley. Generally we just have to look at you and you smile. You are also pretty talkative, but generally more so when Aedan is asleep. Maybe you feel like you can’t get a word in when he is around. No worries, we feel the same way. :)
  • You are pretty content playing on your play mat or sitting in your bouncy seat. You are not a big fan of your swing, but you will sit in it for a while if I need you to.
  • You have gotten better about the car, but you are still not a huge fan. If you are awake or super tired you are fine, but if you are anything in between it is not so fun.
  • Overall you are such an easy baby. Maybe you are just a typical baby, but compared to Aedan, you are easy. He was a great sleeper, but he was so sensitive to everything when he was awake. You are much more laid back and noises really don’t seem to bother you that much. In fact you even went down for a nap just like normal when we had a playgroup over here. It was pretty loud and I was sure there is no way you would fall asleep, but you did.



Adelaide, we are having so much fun getting to know you. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!


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